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Maritime Essays

by Richard Sorokin

No.1 - Water: The Magic & Unique Substance.
No.2 - Anchors and Ground Tackle: Discusses the many different anchors used today.
No.3 - Boat or Ship -that is the question. A short discussion of nomenclature.
No.4 - Christopher Columbus -A discussion of what he really knew and what he accomplished.
No.5 - Floatation -Why things float.
No.6 - How It Began: Beginning of man's life afloat.
No.7 - Hulls: Discusses the many different types of hulls.
No.8 - Maritime Communication: Short history of communications at sea.
No.9 - Marlinspike Seamanship.
No.10 - Navigation Art or Science? A short history and a list of current aids to navigation.
No.11 - Ropes and Lines. How they are used and named.
No.12 - Weather -What you must know to understand weather.
No.13 - How Planes Fly and Boats Sail Into The Wind -The physics of flying and sailing.
No.14 - Henry the Navigator, Prince of Explorers. A bit of early history of the sea.
No.15 - Our Navy: Why and when it stared.
No.16 - Nautical Charts: What's to be found on the charts.
No.17 - Compass: How it works.
No.18 - Where am I Going ????? -Short history, covers magnetic and gyroscope compasses.
No.19 - Body Temperature: How we deal with our body temperature.
No.20 - What's in a name? Where some knot names come from.
No.21 - Life's Liquid: The importance of water.
No.22 - The Metric System of Measurement History and short explanations.
No. 23 Navigation Lines of Latitude and Longitude.
No.24 - Which Way -Getting about on a ship.
No.25 - What's a Knot? History and explanation.
No.26 - Port and Starboard: Source.
No.27 - Is Action Necessary?
No.28 - Rules of the Road: Rules at sea, basics.
No.29 - Reading the Clouds -Names of the clouds.
No.30 - POSH: History of the word.
No.31 - Lookouts & How they report.
No.32 - Sailing Ships -Types.
No.33 - Mechanical Propulsion At Sea.
No.34 - Static Electricity.
No.35 - Rope.
No.36 - The Barometer.
No.37 - How Fast is Fast?
No.38 - Books: Nautical book list and explanation.
No.39 - Chart Projection
No.40 - Tides.
No.41 - Body Temperature.
No.42 - Boat Building.
No.43 - Simple Machines.
No.44 - Anchoring.
No. 45 - Force.
No. 46 - The Greatest Discovery.
No. 47 - The Magic Genie.
No. 48 - Traffic Signals on the Water.>
No. 49 - Steering.
No. 50 - Sail Boat Racing.
No. 51 - Eating at Sea.
No. 52 - How Important Are We?
No. 53 - Sightings At Sea.
No. 54 - Food and Civilization.
No. 55 - History of Government.
No. 56 - Energy.
No. 57 - Change and Knowledge.
No. 58 - Water at Sea.