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Member Training

Auxiliary Manuals
Radio Communications
Proper Radio Usage Guidelines
  Single Unit Parallel Search (PS)Pattern Single Unit Track Line Search (TSR)Pattern
  Single Unit Barrier Search (XSB) Pattern Search Pattern Tracking Chart
Crew Training:
Boat Operations
  16114.2A Rescue & Survival
  16114.3A Navigation & Plotting
  16114.4A Seamanship
  16114.5 First Aid
  File a Float Plan Risk Assessment - GAR2.0 Form
Vessel Examinations Sport Utility Boat VSC Guidelines
  V Directorate Updates NJ State Boating Safety Manual
Auxiliary Training Sites Mandatory Training Information (AUX LMS) Auxiliary On-line Classroom
  National Testing Center ICS Courses & Test Site
New Member Training Lesson 1: Introduction Lesson 2: Core Values
(prepared by Flotilla 87) Lesson 3: Uniforms Lesson 4: History
  Lesson 5: Opportunities Lesson 6: Officers
  Lesson 7: Enlisted Lesson 8: Traditions
  Wearing the Uniform Filling Out Forms
  Navigating Websites  
  Acronyms & Abbreviations  
Public Affairs Maritime Essays
  Article: Shore News Today - 05/19/2015 Article: Sentinel News - 04/29/2015
Public Education    
Leadership Robert's Rules Auxiliary Chain of Leadership & Management(COLM)
  New Members: Program Overveiw Golden Circle
  Communication Models Using Social Media